Roman Baths

Due to my lack of class today, a friend and I decided to visit the historic Roman Baths (from which the city of Bath gets its name). I was excited to go, since it’s, obviously, one of the biggest tourist stops here. 

I had seen the outside of the baths a lot as I pass them all the time getting around the city, and I’d also seen pictures of the baths themselves from postcards and the like, so I figured I knew what to expect. However, I didn’t know that they had a museum located in between the upper and lower level of the baths, so that was kind of exciting, I guess. The museum was very cool and, like Stonehenge, it was really amazing just how many artifacts they’ve collected over the years. Another nice thing about this museum, is that historians have a pretty good idea about what the baths were used for and what surrounded them as the Romans left many helpful clues (stones, documents, etc.) for us, so there were a lot of models and displays of how it looked back then. 

The water still flows from the natural hot springs, just as it did during Roman times and they have the system inter-worked into the museum so you see how it all works, which is fascinating. The water was very warm – steam was rising off of it despite the chilly weather, so I can see why it was popular!

They also had a fountain where you could try the water – I did and, yeah, it wasn’t that great. I think it mainly had to do with it being really warm; it kind of reminded me of how the water at the dentist tastes and I don’t really know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.


View of the baths from the second level


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